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GEOGRAFICA PRODUCCIONES Ltda was founded on 2002 by the journalist Fernando Luchsinger for the dissemination of culture through the realization of high quality audiovisual content on the areas of Nature, Environment and History. By focusing its work on Chile, GEOGRAFICA PRODUCCIONES develops an innovative work in terms of content and the use of technologies. Each project includes the production of video, photography and 3D graphs. These productions are worked in different platforms, from an open TV up to lectures and seminars of specific interest.
Following the line of the great worldwide organizations devoted to the geographical knowledge, GEOGRAFICA PRODUCCIONES highly prices the power of the images in order to produce positive impacts linked to the appreciation of the natural and multicultural heritage, its use on education, scientific knowledge and promotion of preservation.

- Production of Open TV and Cable TV Programs.
- Production of Documentaries.
- Production of Audiovisual Records on Video and Photography.
- Image File.
- Production and logistics of Expeditions.
- Books´ edition.
- Cultural Management.
- Photographs Exhibitions.
- Technical and motivation speeches.
- Seminars.
- Corporate Videos.